Do not step on these acne "thunders"

Do not step on these acne "thunders"

Many people have experienced this: When the work pressure was high recently, the whole person's nerves were stretched tightly, and they could not eat well and sleep well. Under a lot of pressure, the acne on the face springs up like mushrooms, and many people will be rushed to the doctor.

Using contraceptives to treat acne

Some young women take contraceptive pills to treat acne, but blindly taking contraceptive pills will cause certain side effects, such as breast hyperplasia and menstrual flow reduction. Therefore, acne medication should be carried out under the guidance of a professional doctor.

Abuse of external medicine

Dermatitis equal glucocorticoid ointments can stimulate sebaceous gland hyperplasia, make the sebaceous glands strong, and secondary damage to the skin occurs. Side effects include skin thinning, pigmentation, vasodilation, and hormone-dependent dermatitis.

Squeeze can detox

Some people think that it is good to squeeze out acne to "detoxify." However, excessive squeezing can leave scars and worsen the infection.

Washing face too often

Under normal circumstances, acne-prone skin is relatively oily. The skin loves oil because the sebaceous glands are relatively strong and appear greasy on the skin surface. Therefore, many people always focus on cleaning the skin. In fact, this has no effect on removing acne. Regardless of whether your skin is acne-prone, wash your face once a day in the morning and evening. This is a must, but you should not wash your face too often. Once the protective layer on the skin surface is damaged, the skin is more prone to acne. Acne skin, too clean is actually hurting the skin.

However, many people feel that every time they wash their face, they don't wash well. They feel that there is a thick layer of oil on their face, and they want a deep cleansing. 

At this time, we need our face wash artifact, Newdermo Ultrasonic Face Brush. The bristles of this face brush are very soft and slender. It can penetrate deep into your pores for deep cleaning. The cleaning efficiency is 5 times that of hand washing. Use it to wash your face. Then you will truly feel refreshed!

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Updated date: 2020/03/26

Microdermabrasion Machine



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Face cleansing brush


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Skin epilator



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