How to skin care in spring?

It is in spring now, a period of high incidence of skin diseases. If you want to reduce the incidence of skin diseases, please care your skin scientifically.

The weather is gradually getting warmer, so wash your face with cold water sooner or later, which is good for preventing colds. Wash your face with running water for better hygiene. After washing your face, it is recommended to use a wet towel to lightly dry, rather than wipe directly with a dry towel, to reduce the possibility of skin abrasion by the towel. Pay attention to choose good absorbent cotton towels. Skin is easy to dry this season. After washing your face, it is essential to apply skin cream to your face. Take care to choose products that are moisturizing and not too irritating to the skin. Applying a thin layer also helps to cut off direct skin contact with allergens and reduce allergic reactions.


Updated date: 2020/03/26

Microdermabrasion Machine



Popular microdermabrasion machine, Deeply exfoliates,

polishes and revitalizes your skin.

Allow you to retrieve the younger , healthier and cleaner skin by removing top layer of dead skin

Face cleansing brush


Face cleansing brush innovative and high- frequency vibration technology,providing 
different cleansing modes.
high- frequency vibration and high speed rotation at same time,
providing thorough cleansing experience, safe and non irritating.

Skin epilator



For wet and dry use

Double mode : option-trimming/ hair removal

Close contact with skin , high efficient hair removal.

Suitable for underarms, bikinis area, legs, arms , etc