Spring flowers bloom, women should be wary of being disfigured by flowers

Pollen allergies occur every year, but this spring is a bit special. Because the epidemic is not completely over, if you go out to sneeze or cough, you will feel uneasy and you may be afraid to scare others. However, pollen allergy will not only cause cough, sneezing, runny nose, tears, but also severe skin rashes, redness and swelling of the nose, and even airway edema, asthma and other symptoms. Some people with allergies said helplessly that they thought they had been wearing masks this year and could have escaped from pollen allergies. I didn't expect that it was only a few days later than usual ... The most exposed face, easily became the "heavy area"

Women with sensitive skin should stay away from polluting the environment and allergens in the spring, and also pay attention to washing their face and using cosmetics.

1. The temperature of the washing water should not be too hot or too cold. The first thing to do to prevent allergies is to master the temperature of your face. Some people feel that the weather is cold and wash their faces with hot water; or to save trouble and wash their faces together while taking a bath, this is actually wrong. But you ca n’t wash your face with cold water. Too cold or too hot will cause bad skin irritation. It is best to wash your face with warm water, as long as the water temperature is slightly higher than cold water. In addition, it is best not to apply hot compresses in spring.

2. Cleanse gently and moderately. When washing your face in spring, be sure to remember "gentleness" and pat gently when using nutritional cosmetics. Too dry skin is more susceptible to allergies, and excessive cleansing of the face will dry out the skin, which increases the chance of skin allergies.

3. Stick to moisture. Some people think that hydration is less important in the spring when the humidity of the air increases. In fact, moisturizing is still very important for the skin, especially for dry skin.

4. Pay attention to sun protection. Hypoallergenic should be protected from UV rays, and sun protection should be remembered when going out.

5. Skin care should also reduce the burden. Too many skincare products will also increase the possibility of skin allergies. If you are still worried about overloading your skin, then wearing hats and umbrellas is a safe and practical way. When choosing cosmetics, it is best to choose cosmetics that do not contain strong fragrance and alcohol.

For those who are sensitive to the skin, it is better not to change the used cosmetics easily. Once skin irritation occurs, stop using all cosmetics. If there is a persistent allergy, go to the hospital for treatment.


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Updated date: 2020/04/03

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